How to Lose Face Fat

Want to know how to lose face fat fast? Here’s a good video about losing facial fat naturally in the cheeks.

Video Transcript

Losing facial fat– yeah what’s up guys this is google bond yet health and fitness all your topic okonedo face bad game but low come up new he is the fat Cassie to move so Malcolm out wait but I just that was subsequently off spot reduction maker sipping lose face fat water reduction oh I would have shot the hand he many body boutique a subcommittee stomach your fat head nobody coming out with me pulling yes i know i can help get their key midi body something he cares so many hip kill / or let’s go fat pockets the body kit as I mean I got your family’s not a body cast submitted face go fat way coming into the XA but I lucky ones IDK it you can’t do spot reduction skinny accountant operator up me over loose fat on body fat cheeks drop got anybody after face they have seen your hips if that many movies that they are put overall body fat drop coming perfect job cotton help but look at the humanik. Otto the sort of hit mega mikado in 10 days serious if it keeps your face heat factor do so he has a night don’t want the Afghan digestive system if you’re just a part that help keep blood get through up lose fat face your booty body makeup so particular just a factor of makers and rock your body in a subset of fat console appear at the only video q my heart instead substance on the pan out kick millions of that AB scooper number who they don’t give up keep that hip push up the legs and hips gear please remember book be super arms kill for gas Cooper particular case you’re not being very humble phone keypad pandya meeting of the Incas already cast the fact that named after you fed your vehicle themes section burn belly button sorry man who’s on your back you have all made a video via your ID and European about it faced killer broke up a particular areas they’re fat removed because they are put forward all body drop going pretty well overall body fat cats are dropping number one is nutrition of course a kind of we go fabric initially output from Candace consuming ready for another burn coming so Bella had nutrition second is work out but what happens on a burn coming here or nutrition economy , – I was a kind get two genes the rear body fat dropping any fantasy supreme NC up baby see your face if i drop that their name a double it up to some of these dollar but she’s always been corrupted or severe standing. Bounty name your hard work of nutrition and workout supplements find this person that will be used to level 4 come to pick up this up with people so you’re fat going to let me have a family and whatever a communicable in the face if a drop the key thing is i had to buy we need a pastor in marketing her witch be expecting a broker marking the Queen truly as you might be too much oil will be to you often smart but not smart OK don’t you agree regular workout eating clean vegan week out day in day out month in month out is currently off your body the fabric appear overall general say copy and so you work up to him eating clean working every day subsequently are cut those up your family and wrap your friend but I get area tomorrow get some all right constable big face it rocky body over the face upon the turkey rock your body that dropped . bill so face it bad off your overall body factor property in a biblical face their movement because a bauble bar boost in your face and getting Casa Como we have to say this but thank God I thank you something on the right name what’s the overall body me off your body drop there . getting a sitting job magazine the government take their fitness model ski face tactical to him one last photo shoot the photo scanner on God and water the fleet or that rock your body sick carbohydrates and water deplete you’re going to stay up the body was something up for Facebook today are slim but they can keep your face too . that mother funny definitely here to the party and he had locked up in another day so Bonnie not gonna get into look . In the window getting deep what Bonnie bodies in the he told us what the water deeply – all that stuff is God wonder that are many pictures taken for two people to be apologetic lucky just another jaw line or fist you have underneath that muscle under the bin Laden kiosk your muscles that are defined within with something under your skin to keep up the party but yet the temporary card to deplete and water to leave for fitness photo shoot kids are on orders would get her on video together on this video i linked in normal life me yeah he was taking 40 fat become one each other up coffee is he back become going to kiss up your fat loss programs the airport already have put the key of my face transformation guys there’s no shark could eat clean our low calories definitely high protein low carbs and moderate activity programs that and work out daily basis do cardio are other sugar small conquering of us our test marketing what you doing do you have up your face Kay your bloatedness back at the uploader we see live and they’re happy bunny up get me through the old la colpa Mia totally corrupt a PSP to be skinny. Apple was tactical that these walk up with some in the dark you scared Robert funny or fat that is so overall drop getting it off the overall body fat drop on you see our coffees you have first technical time so there’s no other shorter guys the squadron production the year of nutrition follow committed 16 chapters our next level muscular it program following to bother with a broad program follow p.m. the overall body dropped yet including face to face up to pent up that the communication funny p now that money beating bodies of all right guys this is a groom on major like the channel follow my Facebook page check out mr. his grub account as well this is going on guys take her over and out bye oh alright guys if you like my videos make sure you subscribe the channel share the video like the video and comment your portion below

Diets for Men

Looking for the best diets for men? This video covers the best diet for men to lose weight and gain muscle.

Video Transcript

Hey there it’s Mari here and in this video I want to dive into diets for men,  one of the most frequently asked questions that I get from guys all around the world ever since I started this challenge that is what foods to eat to burn belly fat so what does a healthy that look like which foods should you include in your diet when the goal is to lose weight and this is a very commonly asked question. I have brought out hold the food’s here that I consume that I considered healthy best diets for men’s weight loss and I’m going to dive into how I hit my car so I get my protein how I hate my fat throughout the day the caloric intake and all of that but before I dive into that since this video’s on belly fat I want to be bunk too big myths related to burning belly fat burning fat in general so the myth number one is the spot reduction this is something. I guys still believe unfortunately even after 20 30 years of really good nutrition research people still believe that they can target belly fat or do they best diet for men to lose weight and gain muscle can target any sort of that while in reality you cannot do that your body is a system and the way body fat. Process reduction works is that you can only systematically reduce your body fat percentage of the whole body and eventually you will burn the belly fat as well and you cannot say hey. I’m going to do 50 sit-ups a day diets for quick weight loss and it’s going to come off the ABS it’s not going to work like that just does not work like that typically if you want to know how to process works guys will see that they’re leaning down flat belly diet for men first and their arms and their shoulders their calves their quarter steps they’re back especially and then you have like the neck and then the face. Fat goes a little bit away to lose weight and gain muscle depending on your genetics then your chest then your operations may be the first row then eventually you tap into that lower a belly like you tap into that stubborn fat for women it’s typically the hips area where that stubborn fat is really hard to get off so it’s important understand that you cannot burn this you cannot target that specific area before you just get rid of all the other body fat. Right in this depends on your genetics on your distribution how your Babs looking it really depends on your general profile how old you built up those abs in general to exercise but first I mean you understand that there’s no such thing as a spot reduction it doesn’t work don’t let some marketers can you tell quick weight loss you that there are some food that you can target your belly fatter supplement there’s some exercise there is no source thing right flat belly diet so it’s old bunch of nonsense was a bunch of bullshit so really focus on. What works and we know that this works harder percent so that’s the first minute that I want to debug the second point is that if you just eat healthy you will lose weight or you will lose belly fat or in general you will just like magically for some reason without even knowing your calorie amount you’ll be able to do whatever you want however much you want it will be losing weight and you’ll be having a great healthy looking body well here’s the deal with that right so I’m not saying that healthy dieting is bad or it is good or whatever but calories still count calories heart of thing that is going to add a result in you gain weight or losing weight so it doesn’t matter if you base your carbohydrate some quinoa or just being short carbohydrates on white bread or simply sugar I pure freaking sugar I at the end of the day if you over consume calories you will still gain weight and this has been proven metabolic words it doesn’t matter the specific foods are not as important as the color command and this is specifically when we’re talking about body weight change right so buddy weight changes for merrily influenced by the energy balance so to lose weight to lose body fat you need to be a negative energy balance this means that there has to be a gap between the amount of food and energy that you’re in taking our food or drinking and then there has to be more energy being expanded than that so when you create that negative energy balance your body has to burn fat to compensate and that’s the whole trick that’s the whole idea and if you look at the studies and I mean if you look at the united states population an older beast in. Epidemic all these problems if you look at the seventies before an average consuming about 2,000 calories a day and now they’re consumed about 2,500 calories a day so 500 calories increase on average which resulted and obviously in gaining the weight and also the activity level has dropped down because me more cars more convenience more dishwashers more these things that are just no one allowing you to even spend energy because more elevators or escalators which is moving less and we’re eating more that’s the reality of things and that’s why people are gaining weight so it’s not some specific food or some specific macronutrient like fats or carbs or whatever the hell the media is currently said that is bad like sugar or whatever like before I put those : sir I mean none of this is as important as calories so keep that in mind calories are the key and that’s important to realize before we talk about any specific foods out of these I could replace these with anything else. I’m hitting the same Clark amount I diets will be losing weight you find eating enough to be an explorer deficit right so keep that in mind that’s the most important thing so aside from calories the most important macro nutrient actually is protein and that’s something that I want to dive into first so what am I protein source of it and by the way. I’m going to leave links in description muscle building below for you to know how to set up your daily calories and your protein fats and carbs and also fiber which is on a macro nutrient but it’s a super super important nutrients to get in here that I’m gonna leave a link in description below for you to check out that and you can look in to do calculations for your own died later on so let’s start off with protein so that’s the most important macro nutrient and what I have my protein sources so you see here eggs I want to start off the decks very basic racing but that’s usually what i start my day with so I’m gonna have some X there cannot be boiled they can be just made into scrambled eggs or whatever form but i will start off the day with some eggs and typically at least for the last couple of months. I’m boiling them before that I used to make them in a omelet with X and Oates combined i will be bad link in description below where i show you how to make that in less than 10 minutes I’m switching it up a little bit so typically for breakfast I’m going to be consuming eggs that’s going to be my first protein source that I’m going to go for in the day and also what I’m going to be consuming from the egg is also the York so that’s an important part because it also gives you sort of micro nutrients and fats as well so typically what do you realize is that with protein you’re often going to get that as well that just that we protein naturally occurs in been just where we get our protein sources either for me or milk or cheese or just eggs you will be finding some fat there as well so it’s not a pure protein source unless you just eat the whites right so legs super super key I mean why my favorite protein stores probably throughout the years. I’ve heat thousands and thousands of eggs so definitely have somebody’s lying around it’s a very very good source of protein the second one that I would make a really love is caught it she’s and while of cottage cheese well first off you don’t need to cook or cheesy has an pretty much anything for the expiration date as far as I’m concerned because usually gets nice and very fast like the face and supported with cottage cheese to choose the one that has low fat and why am. I saying that well you want to make sure that you have certain sources of protein then don’t have that accompany them that will allow you for more flexibility because you can easily compensate for that fat from some other source and then if you just need protein can go for that so what I choose when I look at my cottage cheese I want to make sure that it gets about 10 to 14 grams of protein per hundred grams and also about maybe one to two grams of fat I don’t want to get that one that has four grams of fat although it’s a little bit tastier but you just spend too much fat on it while you couldn’t get it and get fat from some other sources and we’re going to dive into what source of fat i use later on so called cheese I mean amazing you want to stock your fridge full of them because one of the best protein source you can get very slow digesting protein as well it’s really good at night to keep those keep that amino acid. Paul really running overnight to break that to help you recover from training and also to rebuild some muscle mass is super super key have some countries like Iran awesome event for you guys who are vegetarians so going further I mean this is a no-brainer we have some chicken and chicken is definitely one of the meats that I usually have lying around in the house if I want to just put yourself prepare meals with a little protein chicken is my go through source turkey as well I’m still going to go find some turkey here I don’t necessarily have a lot of red meat lying around although. I do sometimes include read me let’s say once or twice a week and typically when it comes to meet and at least from the animals that that I usually find shops I’m going to go for chicken and then turkey if I’m able to find really good turkey breast and as far as red meat and we usually going to eat that out so if I’m eating out I’m gonna go for a burger or that’s a steak or something like that and that’s where I’m going to get my red meat from and usually when it comes to pure protein when I mean just protein I’m going to go for chicken or turkey so very very simple easy to prepare in this takes five minutes in the grill to do. I mean just a no-brainer or if you just put it in the oven you know it’s going to take about 30 minutes and that’s a pretty awesome so aside from that I mean we have milk here I know a lot mill has a lot of controversy around it I like to consume you because I’m not lactose intolerant. I can consume milk with either way protein or in general I can just consume a glass of milk a day if I just need to get my calories milk is really good when you’re trying to gain weight because you can easily drink that amount of calories don’t have to worry about foods and if you’re doing something like intermittent fasting and still get a lot of those calories that you need within that a tower waiting window which typically can an issue if you need to eat a lot of calories in just two three meals so a glass of milk per meal will actually add up to these some of calories you can get that a cat that Clara County and also get some protein and when it comes to losing weight however you want to be careful with including too much liquid calories when it comes to when it comes to losing belly fat in general because you might need to die down really low calories and then if you go for a liquid calories there’s going to be less solid calories and what that means is that you might feel less satiated from your diet and that’s a really important back to their is that if you drink your calories will not be feeling full as much as if you ate the calories from solid foods such as chicken breasts right so chicken breast has a lot of some more society that milk so that’s an important one and also hear one of my go-to sources is just simple children this is June and water. I mean amazing very very easy to get the protein and also this doesn’t quite get cooking. I’m in a hurry if I’m in a rush I can always go for like two cans of tuna and that gets me like 40 50 to 60 grams of protein which is crazy amount get it very fast on the go without any special cooking or preparation I like to buy the one in water i won’t be as you can buy one in the oil if you have a very high fat intake and your that I like to keep it separate so i can add more oil if I need to from let’s say I just add some olive oil and top of it maybe even a little bit less solar boil maybe just about half a tablespoon just to mix it up to make it taste little bit better compared to let’s say if you buy in a shop it’s going to have like 30 40 grams of fat in like directly coming from oil and you’re not sure about the quality of oil as well that they’ve included which compared to the one you can add you can add a lot higher quality one so in terms of protein sources that is about it and aside from this I would just like to mention that i do have some whey protein lying around I will not promote any specific brand just because I don’t like to do that on this channel so i do have some whey protein as a go-to source if I’m going to Roger I’m training a fasted state. I’m gonna have some whey protein before that and that is going to be one extra source of protein if I need to hit my daily target which is typically between a harness 60 180 grams of protein per day for my body weight and my lean body mass which is my current body weight it’s about 70 4 kilo 75 kilos so i tried that’s 175 pounds so try to keep my protein between 160 180 and that works pretty well these are my source of protein that is covered lets going to fat so for fats I mean no brainer olive oil damn girl like damn good all the world we’re hearing creation right now this is a creation home or he’ll do a little bit of promo I love it I use it for everything every cookie everything that I cook is used it done with olive oil and I think kokapetl is extremely over hyped compared to olive oil I mean olive oil has one more antioxidants a lot more healthy compounds in it coconut oil mean it does remind you of like a sexy go on the beach like making her call her a little bit and in like imagine like having. 10 and so nice little tropical beach all of all of the other hand my don’t have those visual images that have been appearing but it is very very healthy and it should be in your healthy that as well at home to be used so all of all I mean. I don’t necessarily add a lot of it to my cooking maybe a half a tablespoon I don’t like to I mean my diets are typically lower fat so I don’t like to add a lot of oil to my food and another source of fat that you can go for is simply get some avocados you get some fiber where did you get some cards but you also get a really good quality fat from that so macados really good to have handy awesome source of fat if you do need some extra fat and that brings me on to the last part that I want to mention when it comes to fat and that is having some nuts in your house just if you need to cover some extra fats can always go for some elements cashews like walnuts and things like that they’re pretty good they’re affected you know handful of nuts will get you a decent amount of fat and also get you some fiber and a lot of good nutrition like zinc and let me in which is pretty cool so definitely have some nice lying around they can stay for a very long time don’t need to cook them very very good source so that covers the facts and that’s pretty simple because typically. I don’t as I said I don’t necessarily try to aim to get a lot of fat from my dad because most of it comes with protein sources and also from these that i mentioned here with cooking oil not mean just naturally occurs in your can all these other things so going into carbs this is one of the most once i get asked a lot so what are my carb sources and first of all I can say cards without mentioning goat so old so on my favorite carbon source I definitely eat oats every single day for breakfast or two of the day. I’m gonna make coats with some milk or in general even with water it’s completely fun if you have some coconut potter you can add that to make a little bit more tastier if you had some weight protein with that is like let’s say flavored with chocolate if you had just some oats and if you add some water to data in microwave for two minutes you have a really delicious meal and it just took you 20 minutes to make so old are amazing source of carbohydrate also amazing source of fiber which is a really important nutrient that I’m going to go into a little bit of what are my fiber sources is something that is often overlooked so it’s like one of my primary they took my staple diet is definitely based on coats and going further what else do I have here. I have tortillas you know it’s all going to be 30 years bread or something like that. I you have some of that lying around it’s a very fast easy way to get some carbohydrate in especially like if I’m in a rush if I don’t have time to find just getting bored and tired of oats I’m going to go for some tortillas or some bread like rye bread if you’re in Scandinavia and feeling pretty good right Brett there is any Italy you get pretty good buy bread here in creation we have a lot of good bread with seeds pretty awesome and you can definitely get some of that there’s again there’s no magic thing about wheat that makes you fat or that makes you gain fat or anything like that it really comes down to calories and if your training if you exercise you do need a little bit of a higher carbohydrate take and for me I think this is an amazing source I like to see as a base pretty good and they’re really go well with the chicken because you can make a little bit of your own food at home and make it look like a Mexican restaurant so pretty cool source of carbohydrates have lying around and further here i have one potato that had just put out this is a potato i mean i have a whole bag of these I keep them around potatoes I go for because they have the highest authority next of all other foods of all other carbohydrates so this is a white potato has a high satiety index this means that it keeps you full for the longest out of all different types of foods and they tested this i mean if you bought the potato a lot of potatoes you’re going to feel for imagine the amount that you can get let’s say for an equal amount of 60 grams of carbohydrate from oats and a 60 grand coverage from potato potato in terms of volume will be a lot more is also going to keep you fuller for longer so pretty good source of carbohydrate I mean the state preparation so I do go for let’s say once or let’s say twice a week or three times a week I don’t go for potato very often it’s just the way I kind of like structure my diet so i make sure that the potato is cooked a boil that’s easiest we’re just baked so that’s a potato they’re going to have some of those and aside from all these sources here. I mean you met it we mentioned protein which is faster mention carbs it’s important now to realize what is a staple of the healthy that what where does the most of the volume come from and it’s something most people understand but the volume in the diet like that the quantity of food actually comes from fruits and vegetables this is the majority of the food that you’re going to be eating if you just look at it per volume or per amount of food that you’re consuming so speaking of that and we’re talking about legumes here as well speaking of that I mean we have to mention. Greenpeace this is a source of fiber soluble fiber an amazing source of carbohydrate as well and this is kind of that that is in between like a pure starchy food and pure vegetable I like to consume these on a regular basis they provided with soluble fiber to keep my god healthy to keep my god my growth like running and to avoid any potential illnesses in the long run which definitely related like higher soluble fiber intake does help with wedding stuff like colon cancer even helping out with different types of cancers and diseases as well so it’s super super important to have enough fiber for me that this is not a macronutrient but it is an important part of a healthy diet so green peas staple of my dad when it comes to fiber and speaking of that next we have definitely frozen vegetables here we have car floor have broccoli and and some carrot why am I showing your frozen vegetables well you can keep these in your fridge for weeks and weeks and months and you can just put them in a microwave and in eight minutes or six or seven minutes at a higher mountains like the higher part in a microwave you’re going to have this whole bag of vegetables ready to be eaten and that doesn’t take any time and the fact is that most people do not eat enough vegetables and the common excuses like well they go bad i don’t have access to fresh ones that i have this or that and this is your solution is very easy very simple very fast to consume this on a regular basis and get your fiber and get your nutrition none of the nutrition gets lost from my craving or keeping it frozen little bit of vitamin A vitamin C but you can compensate for that with auto raw vegetables I’m going to show you is a good combination of broccoli and we all show you here which other vegetables and that’s one of my favorite ones which is good source of vitamin C we have a red pepper and this is one of my favorite source you’ve probably seen every video that i ever made about food includes 1 red pepper at all they’re always running around and they’re my source when I’m just looking for vegetables but also to cure any cravings that. I have for Lexus suites are in July . i go for red pepper get the job done we also have yellow peppers yellow bell pepper pretty straightforward great source tastes awesome you can add it to your chicken or whatever you want to do with it you can even just raw i like to eat it raw taste really good here we have the side lot of vegetables have some onions awesome job just cooking some chicken and just add some onion or just bake it pretty awesome going further we have some cherry tomatoes great source again this is something where you want to basically makes different types of colors to get different types of micronutrients the types of vitamins and cherry tomatoes i love them that it tastes amazing and aside from that would have some good old good old fresh broccoli I mean can go without broccoli anywhere so that’s one of my sources here we have some spinach or bag of spinach definitely used in cooking or just eating raw any way you like and I mean for vegetables you can go wrong this is where most of the variety will come from in the food’s experiment if you have a farmers market and buy you have a whole foods by a variety of vegetables you’re going to love it going to add a lot of variety to your dad is going to make that look awesome and also keep your very healthy and as I said five very something most people like on the average American consumers of 15 grams of fiber a day while in reality you would need about 25 to 30 at least to maintain healthy functions for most people so keep that in mind keep that fiber account and if you’re setting up your my fitness pal which is my tool that i recommend for tracking calories and macros i recommend also daddy fiber is one of the metrics there to track and to make sure that you’re getting enough speaking of fiber I mean we have to mention some apples here one of my favorite fruits also add though those add nectarines or any other that is in season currently they’re in season creation that they’re all over the place I love nectarines add them you know it’s a good source of carbohydrate body before or after workout or any way throughout the day if you just need a snack it’s better to snack on fruits aside from that have a whole lot of bananas here and we almost forgot to mention rice here which is definitely one of the sources of the combined rate that you can include in your diet I mean you can add a variety of different sources as I said it’s not about the specific food as much as about the calories and then macros but also keep in mind that you want to make sure that you eat foods that you love to eat and that’s my final thing that I want to mention here like all these foods that you see here there are foods. I like to eat today they’re my favorite foods they don’t necessarily have to be your favorite foods that’s a really important if you’re a guy from let’s say from background that you want to eat something else it’s completely fine you just have to figure out the caloric amount you have to figure out the amount of carbohydrate or the amount of protein. I just want to make sure and they get that fat as well and want to make sure that the Fed fit that into our daily goal it doesn’t really matter if that food is something that is like not necessarily considered as healthy but if you make sure that you have enough vegetables you have to make sure that it’s a whole and healthy whole healthy unprocessed food that will allow you to have it in your dad and I would say based mostly most of your caloric intake about seventy eighty percent on whole healthy and processed food then keep that twenty thirty percent for let’s say eating out getting dessert enjoying some social time with your friends where you want to spend some calories and stuff that would necessarily be as healthy but it still has a place in your life because this is a lifestyle this is not just be a slave and self-repair all your meals definitely want to eat out in general rule of thumb when I’m dying down for I’m really serious to get down to seven eight percent body fat might be going out to eat maybe once or twice a week. I’m on a quote unquote ball crawling getting face travel a lot more calories might go out to eat about four or five times are you let me up to five times that try to do less because I can control my intake with the foods at home more than I can the restaurant so i often get over eat unconsciously because I’m not sure how much oil went into it and obviously I mean the restaurant job is to make you feel happy in terms of the taste not as much as to give you the appropriate nutrition that you need to fix your macro so keep that in mind as well as i said in this video I mean none of these foods are really special or anything like they’re not no food special magical I mean the red pepper is as a super food as the broccoli or as some random herb that is just being hyped up by me doctors coming from some mountain in South America right so it really comes down to making sure that you hit your calories your macros your fiber get plenty of vegetables a lot of variety of vegetables and fruits with every meal keep that Florida have sustained calorie deficit and also make sure to invest some time and resistance training strength training. I’ve talked about this many times like a lot of topics in this channel bonding exercise and you just want to look around the child you’ll find a lot of discussions and that and what is the best type of training and also leave all the workouts that I recommend for beginners intermediate advanced lifters that are free workouts in the description below for you to download aside from that make sure to hit me up in the comments below if you have any questions whatsoever on this that i just presented to you so make sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions whatsoever just want to say thanks or whatever you want to say or even if you say fuck you Mario I still believe that i wanted some magical supplement that’s cool as well dude I don’t mind just leave a comment below aside from that make sure to hit that like button and hit that subscribe button right in the face to support the channel and I’ll see you guys in the next one juice.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Men

Want to know how to lose weight fast for men? This is a great video on evidence-based ways to lose belly fat.

Video Transcript

it’s actually ridiculous how easy it is to lose weight it’s a male love to me alone no matter how that you child I’m gonna keep on fighting till the day I die see I was pulling me and they said the map and over whenever what’s up everybody and welcome back to another video they’re bringing you guys a very very special video that was highly requested a lot of people ask me about this video and i feel like i can also this question pretty well because my whole life I’ve got an experience from this myself so after I made my six pack abs workout video so many people ask me about how do you lose that you have quickly you got any tips to getting tricks and I just got to say guys I’m not a professional but i’m going to give you guys my tips on this subject ok losing weight and if this video is able to help only one person out there I am more than happy okay in this video was well worth it alright guys so how to lose fat quickly I’ve never been fat my whole life and then it is couple reasons why i would say two reasons one because of my lifestyle and two because much and next I want you guys to know the facts before I go on and how to lose weight fast give us tips because you guys need to know this if you guys are not educated ok so ever since I was little I’ve always been very active and outgoing and then into sports let us help me a lot but also the way I eat okay i’m going to touch it on a very very important subject in this video ok and lose weight fast for men that is food once you eat your diet ok guys that is the most important thing about losing weight I don’t think people recognize how easy it actually is so this way it’s actually it’s actually kind of scary how easy it is okay guys what I fully understand why some people think it’s very very hard and it’s because a lot of people have tried for years to lose weight, men lose weight faster they have tried different workout programs have been eating differently and it will do so many things are trying to lose weight but they cannot lose weight and that is fully understand what you need to be educated ok as a matter of fact you might actually have a six-pack but you can’t see because that is in the way man’s diet but if you remove the fact you can diet to lose clearly see the apps all right guys let’s start off with the facts one thing that plays a huge part in you losing weight without exercise is your genetics and what I mean about these guys everyone is built differently right there’s two things that matters one your metabolism your metabolism is how quickly you fern fast and how active your system is let’s say one person with a very very high metabolism and one person with master high metabolism eats the same then the person with not so high metabolism is going to put on more weight because the body is not eating so much of the food that this has to do with genetics but you can also increase your metabolism yourself and what i would recommend you to do it’s a drink plenty of water water is going to boost your metabolism and it’s going to make it a lot more active also working out lifting weights jogging swimming cycling it doesn’t have to be much just a little bit it’s going to increase your metabolism which means that you can eat the same amount that you usually do but you’re not going to put on so much weight in a week another thing that’s really important to know what kind of body type are you there is three different body types ok you got ectomorph mess or more and more , to collect the more you know skinny high metabolism and i had to type of body that’s made for running or cycling there are muscles are not so explosive but they’re more elastic you can see the ABS but they’re skinny right this was not so impressive anyway well and acting worse they have a hard time putting on weight and then you haven’t met some more mess or more of the type of people that you see around it just puts on muscle really easily but they also put on more fat than networks and then you have the end them worse this is the typical big guys if you see second put on weight really easily where they have a slower acting metabolism and then put on weight in fact a lot easier than the worst now there is good and bad things about all of these prestigious gotta embrace the fact and be happy which will you alright guys now we went over the fact that you need to know let’s move on to some tips ok if you want to lose weight one thing i would highly recommend you to do is to stop eating after seven or eight pm why would you stop eating after seven or eight pm that is because if you eat a lot of food right before you go to bed your metabolism is going to be slower because you are not acting right you know walking around you’re not going to the gym you’re not up and doing things which means the metabolism is slow and you’re going to put on more way so if you eat a huge meal right before you go to bed you’re going to put on a lot more weight but if you eat a meal at seven pm and then you stop eating you’re gonna burn most of them kneel before you go to bed which means you have not so much food in your stomach so your body is going to start to burn fat instead because you need something to feed off another really really great tip that i have for you is to cut the three whites now what is the three whites that three white is sugar salt and we try to not eat it try to not bring soda with sugar to not eat food with a lot of solving it and try to not eat too much with these three white things is just going to stick to your stomach so try to minimize the three white sugar salt and it’s going to help you tremendously you have no idea it’s a lot easier said than done but you can just start up and try to cut you know little by little after 21 days your body and bring this reprogram and that has been a normal prison you make it a habit where you don’t eat those three is great cut out those are you from your diet I promise you that it’s gonna help me tremendously and you’re going to notice results really really quickly I got a super good example about this my uncle from America two years ago he almost died of a heart attack and that was because one of the biggest and most important things that went straight into the heart was ninety-five percent collide because of fact fact that builds up inside the planes now obviously this was a super super scary time for us and we didn’t know what was going to happen but that was a real smack to the face for him and when I saw him again after a couple months i couldn’t believe my eyes seriously it’s so insane how much way to last just by change yup his diet because what you eat is what you become I know people that slop 50 pounds in two months it’s just absolutely insane it didn’t even work out they did everything they usually did sat down to watch TV you know drove to the job did whatever they have to do but it didn’t work out that only thing they did was to change the diet and it helps so much guys people don’t realize how easy it is people don’t want to face the facts you don’t have to work out you don’t have to do none of that the only thing you gotta do is to change over your diet that’s the main thing you got to do if you want to exercise as well that’s great it’s going to make you healthier it’s gonna make you happier is going to release endorphins which makes you really happy and excited and give you a lot of energy but if not that’s totally fine the only thing you have to do this is change / your diet so many people have tried for years but they can’t lose weight but it’s not so hard guys it’s only your diet you gotta focus on alright guys that’s it for today’s video i hope this video helped you out one way or another whether you are a victim or mess up more and more you know whatever it is i hope this video helped you out one way or another I really really care about you guys and you guys have been given me so much support lately it’s just crazy on my channel now if you want to take our personal and work out i’ll just link it to right here so you can check it out and as you’re changing your diet you can use that I work out if you want to and if you feel like now that is it for me I hope you guys have an amazing day and i’ll see you in the next video all right take care yeah yeah

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