How to Lose Belly Fat and Gain Muscle- My Daily List

Lots of guys come to me wondering how to lose belly fat.

I like to help out as best as I can to build trust and credibility before I ask you to make a purchase, so I’m going to lay out for you my supplements that I take as the back bone, and combine them with my day to lose belly fat and build muscle. First I want to state upfront that if you came here to lose 10 pounds in a week at home, you’re in the wrong place. If someone tells you that’s possible without liposuction or cutting off an arm, they’re not telling the truth. Also, if you came here looking for just one exercise to burn fat, read on because I’m going to show you that it takes quite a bit more than just one simple exercise.

Also, one of the first things I clarify for people when they want to lose stomach fat is that they want to burn fat in the abdominal region specifically- and that comes over time- and with a combination of full body exercise and you’ll need to reduce the number calories you’re taking in.

I’m in love right now as I’m writing this with my feet firmly planted in the warm sand. I flew into Los Angeles, California this morning for business. It’s been a while since hitting the beach here. I had a big thrill seeing where Arnold used to training at Gold’s Gym Venice. I met up for a workout with my buddy Greg, who has been the person who has helped me the most to develop the strategies in training, nutrition, and supplementation that help me build my physique.

Here’s some of the supplements I use during the day to burn abdominal fat or in layman’s terms, how to lose belly fat.

Complete protein + carb + fat powders and bars as a meal replacement.

My “secret” to eating all of my scheduled meals every day—regardless of how busy I get. These convenient “meal replacements” are the perfect food for building muscle and takes the guesswork out of determining what I need to eat to grow. These replacements contains everything my body needs to maximize muscle growth. Each serving is only 400 calories, and provides 40 grams of protein.

I put the most emphasis on protein when constructing my supplementation program. Muscle is protein— Protein is muscle! I make it an immediate priority to ingest protein as soon as I wake up in the morning. After sleeping for four to six hours without eating anything, now is when my body really needs to be nourished with a healthy dose of high-quality protein. And as far as quality is concerned, there is no better protein than whey isolate on the market today. Gram for gram, it has more protein than any other protein made, and research has proven provides higher nitrogen uptake.

I also use micronized creatine monohydrate.

This advanced creatine formula is micronized and is designed to go into solution rapidly and remain suspended in solution longer. The texture is smooth and fine—not gritty at all. Micronized creatine monohydrate delivers you a fast-acting, better absorbing creatine to help you build muscle quicker without the stomach upset and without gritty creatine left at the bottom of the glass.

Multi vitamins.

I consider this product as my “insurance’! Multi’s are designed specifically for the important nutritional demands of the hard-training athlete. For the human body to perform at its maximum potential,  it must be fed a vast and complex array of vital nutrients. This is my “insurance” that I get all the nutrients I need as a bodybuilder.


I use L-glutamine as I prepare for a period of time without eating. Even though I’m not eating, I want to keep my L-glutamine levels high. Recent studies have revealed that L-glutamine contributes to muscle growth (protein synthesis) and prevents muscle breakdown (anti-proteolytic). Supplementing with L- glutamine spares free L-glutamine in muscles, counteracts the fall in muscle protein synthesis, and improves nitrogen balance. I need to get some supplemented L-glutamine into my system because I will not be eating for the next four to six hours. Although I won’t be eating, my body needs to have optimal amounts of L-glutamine at all times to build muscle.

I got 4 ½ hours of sleep last night but it felt like it was 20 hours. I feel great! I even got up for an hour during the night to plan my day. A lot of people ask me how I can do so much with so little sleep—which is a great question. That is a question I often asked a few years ago when I noticed that many super-achievers rely on very little sleep.

When you are pulled with such passionate goals and ambitious dreams, your mind will not want to sleep. You will want to spend as much time living out your dreams. Life becomes too precious to be slept away! As a person looking for info on how to lose belly fat and build muscle, you might be asking, “Don’t I need a lot of sleep to grow muscle or burn fat?” Believe me, your body can get by with a lot less than you think and still make significant progress.

If you find yourself needing a lot of sleep, you may want to examine your goals in life. Are you going for what you truly want? Or, are you simply settling for what is comfortable or what normally society thinks is acceptable? Are you really going full tilt for what you really want out of life? Or, are you playing “this game” reserved and conservatively? Remember, you only get one of these lives—so play all out! Don’t look back when you are old and gray wishing you had done so.

Now, I realize for a small portion of you that needing more sleep may be a physical thing, but for 99 percent of us, I am sure it’s a mental thing.

I get hundreds of requests to post different training routines on my web site. “Your type of training works for you, but why don’t you offer some training suggestions that will work for other guys working out?”

I always chuckle when I get asked this same question repeatedly. If I knew any better way to train from all the different philosophies out there, I would not only have given them to you already, but would be using them myself! I can’t offer you any advice other than what I truly believe will work. We, as bodybuilders, are far more the same than we are different. Regardless of what your buddies in the gym tell you, what works for me will also work for you more often than not.

What you may need to do is to just give my philosophies 100 percent of your faith and your effort— regardless of how successful you have been in the past with your current methods—and try them if you really want to take your physique to a higher level of development.

Well, today I had the opportunity to practice what I preach!

If you remember, after last Tuesday’s back training session, I figured that I perform less sets than I was currently doing for this particular body part. He had counted up to 25 sets and felt I should be training a maximum of 15 sets.

I have always known my back workout was rather long, grueling, and contained a lot of sets. I knew that. But I firmly believed that, because the back has so many different muscles, it needed all of this work. All of my other training days were more like a sprint, being brief and intense, rather than like a marathon, longer and more paced.

Besides, I was very happy with my back because it had improved more than any other body part since last year!

Regardless, because I am determined to take my body to the next level, I immediately tried this suggestion. Training should always be brief and intense!

What a difference—both physically and mentally! Physically, even as I write up this post, my back has the great sensation of being exerted far more than I have felt in quite some time. Mentally, because the workout was significantly shorter, I gave more focus, energy, and intensity to it as I pounded out heavier weight and more reps. The only thing that was less was the number of sets. I firmly believe this back workout was far more productive!

But think about it for a moment; What do you think is more beneficial: Blasting three more reps than you ever had previously been able to do—at a heavier weight, or two sets with the same old amount of reps and the same old amount of weight as you always have done with that exercise?

How many crunches burn belly fat? There is no doubt in my mind (and my back would tell you right now if it could talk—ouch!), that pounding out three more overloaded, intense, heavy reps is far better than waiting three or four minutes and doing eight more reps at the same amount of weight. In this case, the additional three is superior to the average eight!

How many days to lose belly fat? A great lesson learned. You guys be sure and do yourselves a favor by giving this philosophy a try. Let me know how it works for you!

Back Training 6 PM. How much belly fat can you lose by running?

Pull-ups — 50 total

Hammer Strength Pullovers — 1 x 18

Dumbbell Rows — 1 x 10

Dumbbell Pullovers — 1 x 8

Smith Machine Rows

Front Pulldowns (reverse grip) — 1 x 13

T-Bar Rows — 1 x 5 at 6 plates (same).

Cable Rows — 1 x 8 (as opposed to 6) at all the weight.

Hammer Strength Machine Pullovers — 1 x 18 (as opposed to15) at all the weight.

Cardiovascular Training

How much belly fat can you lose in 3 weeks? 6AM — Treadmill – 45 minutes at 2.5 speed with a 12.5 percent incline grade. Gauntlet – 15 minutes at 7 (one step) for 10 minutes and 8 (two step) for 5 minutes.

How much belly fat can you lose in a day? 9PM — Treadmill – 45 minutes at 2.5 speed with a 12.5 percent incline grade. Gauntlet – 15 minutes at 7 (one step) for 10 minutes and 8 (two step) for 5 minutes.

How to lose Belly fat Q and A. What kind of belly fat do I have?

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I was so shredded exercise for belly fat at the beach was because of your sodium loading/sodium depleting/potassium loading process. What kind of belly fat do you have? What kind exercise lose belly fat. How much belly fat can you lose by drinking water? Meticulously salting all eight of my meals each day for the last nine months, while drinking at least two gallons of water a day, conditioned my body to be a “fat flushing machine.” I’m sure there were other competitors at the show who were as lean as I was, but no one was able to rid themselves of the water like I was able to do.

Inches of belly fat can you lose in a week? Thanks for the great advice! Why in the world would any fitness competitor want to use a tea if they knew this process.

How much belly fat can I lose in 1 week? As I prepare for the beach, I am ingesting significantly more salt at each meal and 2 gallons of water a day regularly as I did for the Team Universe. It seems that the more water and salt I take in, the better and quicker my body rids itself of it. Now, I know you are not a big fan of the “more is better” mentality, but my body has already adjusted to it. It is an even more efficient “sodium and water flushing machine”!

How much belly fat can you lose by running? Here’s my question: Can I expect to be better (or, at least better at getting rid of the excess sodium and water) at the World Amateur Championships because of this?

Questions And Answers- How many calories to lose belly fat?

How much belly fat does jogging burn? Congratulations on your big win last month! Well deserved, if I may say so myself. Your photos look awesome!

How many crunches burn belly fat? I have a question concerning creatine supplementation. I am 10 weeks out from a national contest and I have been mildly dieting for a couple of weeks now. I am already relatively lean with my body fat. I have been supplementing creatine for the past several months.

How many carbs to reduce belly fat? I don’t know how soon prior to the contest I should stop. I have heard many conflicting opinions on this subject and don’t know what to do.

Your opinion is greatly respected and will surely play a role in the outcome of my next contest. Any information and advice you can provide me with will be greatly appreciated. I would like to know when to stop and why. I want to be an informed bodybuilder, not a sheep following the herd.

How much belly fat does swimming burn? I regularly visit your web site and look forward to each update with great anticipation. Keep up the good work!

How much belly fat to see abs? Thank you for the kind words in regard to my win!

How much belly fat does jogging burn? Your question about creatine fascinates me because it has been asked of me regularly during the past couple of years—but never when creatine first was being used by bodybuilders preparing for contests.

How much belly fat is too much? I assume, if you are like the many other people who have asked me this question, the reason you feel you would need to stop taking creatine before a show is because it will cause you to hold water.

How much belly fat can you lose in a month? Let me make this point perfectly clear: Creatine pushes fluid INTO the muscle—the kind of fluid you want to hold. The fluid you don’t want to hold is between the muscle and the skin.  Creatine does not cause this. As a matter of fact, I load with creatine the last week before the show—not cut it out!

What kind of exercise targets belly fat? Too many people use the excuse of “holding water” when they are just plain carrying too much fat. In my opinion, this is how creatine has gotten a bad reputation for contest preparation and is being avoided by competitors.

What kind of exercise reduces belly fat? If I were you, I wouldn’t concern myself with body fat percentages, body weight, or other meaningless numbers. Go by what you look like in the mirror—because that is what the judges will do! Five percent body fat on one person can look totally different on another.

What kind of fat is belly fat? As I always say, and I really found out at the Team Universe last month, when you get lean enough, “you become bullet-proof.” In other words, creatine or any other small factor is not going to ever ruin your appearance.

What kind of cardio burns belly fat? Good luck and your future shows—and keep Thinking Big! Wow! A short class winner winning the overall. I’m impressed!

What kind of cardio burns belly fat? Congratulations on all of your success. As an ex-competitive natural bodybuilder and winner of my weight class in my one and only competition, I applaud you for remaining a natural champion and spreading the word. My question is have you had any injuries that you have had

How much belly fat can you lose by walking? To overcome? I’ve had back surgery and two shoulder surgeries and am still training. Let me know.

What kind of exercise targets belly fat? As far as injuries are concerned, I have been lucky enough to avoid any serious ones. Occasionally, I have had some very minor ones (Knock on wood!).

What kind of tea burns belly fat? About six years ago, I hurt my back for a few weeks squatting heavy poundage. This past year, I slightly strained the inside portion of my forearms kicking up some 155 pounds dumbbells for shoulder presses. Thank God that that’s about it.

How many calories in belly fat? I have not done anything especially different than anyone else to avoid injuries. I do however, always use a spotter when I go heavy and am always sure to instruct my spotter or training partner very well—even at the risk of being redundant. I am always sure to tell my training partner, “Hey, I’m saying this again to make myself comfortable, not because I don’t think you are going to spot me right.” This way, I am sure I don’t offend him.

How much belly fat to see abs? If I don’t have a partner that I feel comfortable with, then I just won’t use the heavy weight at that time or workout.

How much belly fat for abs? Good luck with your recovery and any future contest you may enter. What kind of exercises burn belly fat?

As far as time in between sets, I take as long as I need to attack the weight heavily again. This usually takes up to three or four minutes. What kind of food reduce belly fat?

What kind of tea burns belly fat? If you are referring to how fast the actual movement of the exercise, I would say it is at a moderate pace—neither fast or slow. I concentrate primarily on feeling the muscle being worked. When at the bottom of a repetition, I realize that I will not get another one after the one I am performing, I may slow it down to get an extra feel through it. How many sit ups to lose belly fat?


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