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How paleo diet works. Ok yeah, yeah no glitches how many folks had a pickle juice martini last night? I won’t say it’s better than the nor-cal margarita but it’s a really nice compliment. Paleo cookbook. I’ll tell you that so that farm dinner last night was absolutely amazing yeah that was my question- was that pickle juice well more broadly it was about mineral supplementation you know considering grass-fed organic paleo diet is it necessary to supplement with minerals my take on this as a supplement manufacturer and distributor is no at the end and just sort of as a background story I’ve been in a supplement business for almost 30 years. Meal plans for weight loss. I entered it as a as a means of trying to find ways to assist athletes improve performance by providing things that they couldn’t necessarily get from their diet whatever that diet was but as I got more and more into this realm of of primal paleo ancestral. Let’s call the whole thing off I how paleo diet works saw that so many of the deficiencies that we normally see in athletes who have a high-carbohydrate diet and lots of sugar and lots of omega-6 oils and things like that was probably the root cause of all the not all but a lot of the many of mineral deficiencies and the the idea that. Perhaps you know the the phytate binding with some of the minerals and a lot of these other things we talked about in the in the broad context of a primal or paleo diet it make cross over into for instance women who have osteoporosis they don’t have osteoporosis.
Necessarily because they’re not throwing enough calcium at their bones they have it because of some other metabolic issues that relate to the foods that they were eating being inappropriate for absorbing calcium in that regard so I’m my basic take is that other than somebody who’s on probably a aggressive ketogenic diet in which case you probably want to do some supplementation or if you’re on a very low carb the beginning very low carb part of your weight-loss strategy in which case is probably appropriate but as you get I think I think closer and closer to what I would call it an ideal body composition paleo cookbook. it’s probably less and less critical to do that provided you’re provided you still have at the base of your food pyramid substantial vegetables and you just to maybe add a little bit to that I have a canon marks master formula with the the packs in my pantry and i usually use like one or two a week but it’s very random so for me I’m a little bit I’m looking at it more almost as a hormetic stress. How eat paleo. That I am as potentially a nutrient deficiency but I think given the level of stress I have we just had a baby and all the rest of that stuff like I kind of dropped that in just as a safeguard but I really randomized it I mean art of Annie was talking about that like 95 98 you know instead of being super pedantic about it it’s like use these things but be a little bit intelligent think about the ancestral life list of foods way try to have some kind of modulated input so that you’re diversifying toxin loads like weight loss that this is another thing that just eating one variety of food all the time you’re pumping one you you’re pumping typically one type of a flavor of intoxicant or even vitamins through metabolic pathways without diversifying that how long before results and then you can overwhelm those systems versus you know mixing stuff up a little bit so I think it’s a thing again where there’s a lot of individual variability you think about like if somebody’s hypocrite except have low stomach acid how many carbs a day what is the likelihood that they’re getting adequate mineral absorption fat-soluble vitamins really work results really low and this is why a lot of people have hypochlorite idea or other gastrointestinal problems they have a fingernail ridges and stuff like that they have a dental issues wrote  how much can you eat with our dentist up here who’s not talking to us so you know simply saying okay well I eat paleo diet.
How paleo diet works I’m good or primal that’s that’s so surface and we’re not considering the individual we’re not considering their stress are they police military fire medical because they’re doing shift work and then they end up with hypochlorite idea they have abnormal gut bacteria no I mean there’s so many extenuating stories there that it’s really important I think that this is not to get like wax philosophical here but it i think there is such a potent desire for folks to say this is the thing this is it that you know this is where the Orthodox paleo Whites live and in this is the way that we’re going to do it and we do ourselves a disservice with that because it’s where the pissing massive start and it limits our ability to really be able to customize the stuff we have a template that we should then intelligently look at our individual circumstances and then make some important decisions off that sometimes the decisions will be wrong and sometimes we’ll be right but it’s a lot better than trying to spackle.
How to start paleo diet plan. This one-size-fits-all approach to all this thank you very much man just one more question it was really in light of the fact that most of the soil in the Western world is kind of denuded of minerals I just didn’t know if that factored into you know that yeah i mean at having said what I said about just blanket i think the first thing you need to do is fix you know your diet to to eliminate some of the things that are probably causing issues part of that if you if you look back at the daily values and the RBIs in the RDAs as they were first constructed in the forties and fifties and they were based on some assumptions one of which was a grain based diet so i think in many cases probably 11 hundred milligrams of calcium a day for women is probably too much it’s probably inappropriate if you if you rid yourself of some of the other factors so maybe the mineral requirements aren’t even as high as we originally thought they were and but but again having said that if you do have these issues and certain amount of supplementation can still be appropriate and I came up with a new product idea after what you just said fractal formula M. How to begin paleo diet. Once in awhile how often you take it once in awhile but no you just you just you randomize what’s in it it’s in you get a guy who actually push it we have something here so we push it through were like no no this is called OC Alex oh it’s just a the error bars are bigger than what you weigh more in the same ol Mako may contain at this it might contain but then again why not yeah alright next just comment and a question first of two you two guys and dr. eaten and everybody here thank you very much for bringing all this stuff into the mainstream and helping everybody here and helping us nothing me absolutely have to Rob jumping across the table and turning into some kind of pretzel with a move after what he just said and I’m going to be my question being up one of those broken guys that’s a firefighter/paramedic shiftwork can’t sleep all the other metabolic issues that come along with that our general broad brush recommendations that can help with sleep other than sleeping the darkroom and knowing what we already know is there anything new any better way of dealing with what we have to deal with I mean the the classic stuff which I can’t say it again or enough you know like pitch black room really good sleep hygiene so that when you are are getting ready to go to bed like it’s kind of a consistent way i like to say like serial killer consistency and if you see my handwriting then it’s completely Charles Manson so it you know it’s like consistent there i think that depending on what the individual has going on you like that i made the recommendation that maybe a first responder should be using some low dose you know metalman under the guidance of their doctor obviously all the rest that stuff but you know if we reverse metabolic problems then we tend to antagonize the production of cortisol. Paleo diet how quickly lose weight. If there’s one thing that’s gonna shut down sleep is elevated cortisol and so maybe it’s some diagnostic stuff just doing like a four-point ASI to figure out where you are in that spectrum being really intelligent with your training so I mentioned some metabolic conditioning for first responders police military fire you know like medical workers but there’s a desire it seems like people will either sit on the couch until they die or when they get off the couch then they attempt to commit suicide every time they worked out and you know there’s like the appropriate dose and within the crossfit seen it used to be this kind of economics oriented deal how much weight will i lose, where we’re going to do a minimum dose with a maximum return and that’s trade-off with how much can we do without dying you know where capacity across broad time and modal domains what that translates into how much can you do without dying and i think that that is antagonistic towards sleep because you know the court is all access and all that so getting all that stuff kind. Squared away and then on a supplementation side depending on what you have going on how many meals a day maybe Gaba maybe melatonin definitely something i like the busy magnesium stuff i have a doc who I I’ve been fighting the idea that transdermal magnesium works unlike bollocks can’t work but he just threw me a bunch of papers that claim that people sitting in epsom salt baths that they they did blood work on them and they can see the plasma magnesium go up and so I have said Alex on this for so long and because i couldn’t find any good papers on it and then he just threw a bunch to me so maybe like a magnesium salt bath so there’s some things that we know we’re pretty good at inducing relaxation and that’s about it and I mean that this is part of the the thing that for our police military fire and medical workers like we we need to be more intelligent about how we restructure their shifts because there are better and worse ways to have people come on and off shift most excessive force it I’ve been really tight. Diet plans. . The police chief seen on the national level virtually every excessive force scenario that that pops up in the news is immediately following a shift change for the police officer so you you’ve just had your sleep disturbed you go out there you get put in a difficult situation and you’re cranky and you make a bad decision potentially you know so that stuff that we need to think about now maybe more facts yeah so did does that help a little bit I mean like you you know some of these classic sleep aids melatonin Gabba but depending on how you know what it is that you need to deal with but making sure that you’re dealing with cortisol phosphatidyl serine like to 600 milligrams phosphatidyl serine before you go to sleep can suppress cortisol production but if you’re at the end of adrenal fatigue and you’re not producing enough cortisol the net could cause a lot of problems so i can find a good doctor to do all that with I thanks with a booster seat of Oh what are your thoughts about icing for weather icing is primal paleo or beneficial for chronic or acute injuries well out I’ll lead off on that I mean my own experience with icing has never been good and I’ve always sort of fought it not not intellectually as much as just intuitively and I’ve never really had. Does paleo diet cause weight loss. I’ve had I’ve had my share of injuries and I find actually that some amount of heat works for me better than ice so I’m seeing now in the literature there’s a movement toward getting away from this aggressive icing of an injury immediately post on the other hand in terms of some kind of a chronic inflammation I i do subscribe to the idea that maybe a soak in a tub for a couple minutes might be a good 4matic stressor to add to the to the compliment of your recovery one of the greatest marathoners that ever lived in New Zealand guy named Jack Foster swears that his longevity was as a result of his having stood in his backyard and hoes his legs off with a garden hose after everyone he ever did so there’s not clearly anecdotal but i’m not with regard to this again aggressive icing post post-trauma I’m not a big fan of that and particularly now that I’ve read more of the science i do think that some it’s really about getting blood flow to to get to that area and clear waste away and bring in nutrients and and to a certain extent decrease swelling but if anybody read k stars recent one of the recent mobility WOD pieces it was about and I’ve agreed with I’ve thought about this for a long time as well and and now the orthopedic community says this which is basically we’re gonna get you up and moving as soon as we can after and after a surgery or after an incident so one of the new treatments is to actually move within reason up to a point of pain or just a mile pain as soon as you can after an injury will will probably help speed up the recovery yeah it doing the only thing I’d added or just a kind of springboard off that like to know somebody has a ACL repair and then they throw immediately. Paleo diet book. . In a CPM continuous passive movement machine you know and they they start bending and flexing and part of what we’re thinking about what this is that we’re trying to heal you can have kind of a spastic healing which is a bunch of amorphis scar tissue or you can have tissue that has laid down in a way that we actually have support structure that is advantageous you know like if you want a protein matter running in this direction versus like an amorphous mass because you’re you’re you know you’re loading through the patella you don’t want scar tissue just that’s just all kind of gnarly dup and interestingly having a pretty significant inflammatory response is critical in that there’s a different prolotherapy ‘he’s a thing things a little of that nature that you know they will actually induce inflammation in a joint or in a particular compartment in the body to try to speed you know that you need to kick-start the inflammatory process keloid scarring is actually a scar that’s gone partially through the the healing process and then it stops and there are certain drugs and and I think like st. John’s wort oil and stuff like that that will restore mutilate the inflammatory response to move things through I think that occasionally you know sometimes just palliative it may feel good to throw some ice on there but it’s kind of making sense but again like that this is the systemic effect of jumping in an ice bath is different than the localized effect of trying to turn all the inflammation off because you you know you have some tennis elbow type thing. That’s completely different than the systemic effect of jumping in getting a hormetic stressor getting the full body insulin sensitizing so it’s important to remember you know 30,000 feet versus you know right right at local level totally she was waiting longer yeah so I’m coming for more of a longevity interest than a athleticism kind of interest and I’m scooping out an ultra high fat diet is a possibility of that mark i think I’m on your blog post you disclose being maybe the the fifty-five sixty percent range for fat intake wondering what you guys think of going higher than that other any problems yeah i think one of the things that I’ve arrived at personally is a recognition and Ron rosedale’s another person would probably be in this camp that the less glucose you burn a lifetime the better off you are which doesn’t mean zero glucose it doesn’t mean you know very low carb all the time but it means trying to aggressively you know find ways to improve your fat intake and your fat metabolism and and and that includes how you move to support that that lifestyle metric ultimately the primal blueprint was about taking a look at the recipe for a healthier human and and putting in all of these component parts that we know to be there a broad base of very low level of aerobic activity you know plants and animals and all of the things we talked about avoiding toxins but ultimately glucose in my mind is probably you’re probably better off producing as much as you can / lifetime and yet one of the new strategies that we’re going to be incorporating is sort of a cyclical you know use periodicity in in training and will you can use that in life too so you goes through periods of time where you are maybe very low carb and other times where you kind of come out of that and you you’re not in case you’re not a ketogenic guy for the rest of your life. Weight loss meal plans. But, there’s times when you go into ketosis and it’s very beneficial and it cleans up some of the some of the debris that is one of the intentions of ketosis and then you come out and you you know explore some of the flavor options that are that are not available on a ketogenic guy but i think that I mean Peter hyperlipidemia guys been probably eighty percent fat for years and years and years seems to do very well on it so i don’t i don’t see much harm in that but i but I i would be just from because we don’t have the data I wouldn’t necessarily plan the rest of my life to be ketogenic I i think an interesting development if if folks want to do some searching Michael rose from university UC Irvine and a lot of his stuff sounds a lot like what part of and he talks about and they were in the same building so i can’t help but think that they probably had lunch a lot or something but he had some really interesting papers it basically described the fact that a caloric restriction and humans was probably not going to extend life and and there’s some interesting things genetic reaction norms like how organisms respond to various inputs and from survival standpoint and whatnot like if if you look at the amount of energy that an organism put into child-rearing in a few curtail energy input then it’s likely to extend life but for humans that doesn’t seem to be the case and so that for me it was kind of like okay fine so I’m not going to do calorie restriction the cold skinnier than i already am hypogonadal and everything else to live longer it’s like it’s just not gonna work so why even try it so that was kind of cool so then you’re kinda like what what can i do just so that you know maybe maybe I don’t live longer and total time but the amount of time that I have as much you know more productive and and I forestall that decline one of the key features of that there’s a great paper secrets of the lac operon. Meal plans for weight loss.. Which talks about nutrient partitioning and how we are able to be flexible with the fuel substrates that we use basically one of the characteristics of aging is that you lose the ability to mobilize fat as a primary fuel source and become more and more glycolytic what’s a primary tissue that is exclusively glycolytic glycolytic come on folks redlands and cancer cancer the Warburg effect so as you age in a few agent effectively you start looking at a hell of a lot more like cancer than what you would ever want to look like cancer so one of these things that we can do is a cyclic low-carb approach which is what i had done for four years you know just for like athletics and it seems to be this kind of middle ground I i see a graph of performance health and longevity and we we clearly know from data from professional athletes that a performance orientation will antagonize health and longevity at some point there was just some some research that a professional football players have an average lifespan of 58 years so we need to really work to keep John Wellborn to step on fish oil and keep the big lug alive tools like 90 so you know it’s a but this is the distress and I think a lot of it is oxidative damage and impact and all this and so we can mitigate those things by a sick low-carbon part of that element of a cyclic low-carb is hormetic effect again you have a moderate carbon take today which is going to upregulate all of the kind of detox enzyme pathways that deal with the larger carbohydrate intake by days down the road. Workout meal plans. So, it’s these punctuated equilibrium moments where we you know you maybe have higher higher card for a day and then much higher car six days later and then your immunized against that high carb meal later but it’s causing you it’s forcing you to be metabolically flexible and the substrates that you’re using and I think that’s very very beneficial for long-term health is all super speculative and this is one of the things that makes me a little bit nuts about like what needs an RCT it’s like design in RCT for this Tiger you know it’s like there’s there’s so much stuff out there that just is going to defy throwing it into a randomized control trial and so do we just sit there and like sit on our hands and wait long i don’t know we can’t do an RCT so we shouldn’t speculate about it and do some tinkering I think that we have enough understanding of some metabolic pathways that we can make a reasonably educated thought about what we’re doing don’t become religious about it and nuts or anything but you know we can we can make some informed decisions about you know what’s going on because we understand a little bit of the metabolic machinery and we can make some informed decisions on that I i also think we know the outside where the outside margins are so that we can play with this individually so that we can we talk a lot about the experiment 1 and if you’ve got a point where you’ve been in this arena for a while it’s it’s appropriate for you to maybe play around with a little bit. 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See what you see what your own results are you’re not going to do any damage yourself doing it let me throw this out there i’ve been doing more safe starches and my l-dopa is gone up dramatically so I’m going to start eating ketogenic again so yeah and I it which I had eaten cyclic low-carb where I would go like you know six days very low carb and then have a reasonably large carb meal and then three days and then two days and then six days three days two days and I just kind of broke it up like that and when I did that I had blood lipids that would make you know any cardiologist let we and now they don’t look that good my triglycerides are higher things higher so I obviously I’m not all that carb tolerant but I know Matt lon has been tinkering with more carbs and he ended up putting like eight pounds of muscle on these leaner than I’ve ever seen him so that’s where that experimentation n equals 1 tinkering got some general ideas and then you need to get in and tinker and and it’s kinda like putting on a pair of jeans it’s like this mass look good in this or not I don’t know you did you don’t know until you try so yeah okay we haven’t spoken much about gender differences with these ancestral diets and a lot of complaints we know from women they say I’m holding onto more bad for postmenopausal women doesn’t matter are we supposed to hold on more fat you know should we be trying to lean down as much as our male counterparts you know yeah that this has been a in the last couple years I’ve noticed a lot in the comment boards and the in the forms and so my take on this is that first of all if you are in a position where you come from any kind of metabolic damage or any kind of overweight or any kind of a issue and you’ve addressed some of these issues through this strategy of eating. Low carb. You got rid of PCOS you’ve gotten rid of your type 2 diabetes you’ve lost some weight there women tend to hit a plateau sometimes sooner than men and calls to question in my mind the concept of ideal body composition and my take on that is that if you get to a point where you plateau and you may not be satisfied because you’re not yet ready for the cover Victoria’s secret catalog it doesn’t mean that you failed it’s it’s a sign that your body is saying i love what you’ve done with the place you know I will stay here i want to see I want to stay here awhile and if if you’re not sick if you have the energy that you need if you maintain that weight without fighting it and without having a calorie count if you’re able to go about your life then then all other things being equal what’s the problem so now we but but then the problem becomes because of the site society that we live in dammit i want to get down to 13 I’m a woman and I want to get down to thirty percent body fat maybe it’s not in the cards for you so but that’s going to be okay because this is first and foremost this is about reclaiming health the other stuff to look good naked comes later and sometimes it doesn’t come at all and that’s going to be okay too because it’s got to be about an acceptance of of the healthy and then a recognition of what you’ve done to get to to reclaim new health and then from there you can decide but sometimes there are costs attached to getting to the next level you may have to work really hard to make this now you may have to start sacrificing and suffering now you may even get sick more often and and not live as long just because you wanted to be on the cover shape magazine I’m asking my parents recently switched over because my father had cholesterol issue and insulin resistance and we convinced them to switch so my parents my brothers in her seventies she’s doing it with him and she’s can constantly complaining that he’s losing weight and she’s not losing weight and so it’s not working for her and what she’s healthy she has no health issues that’s the question does that can I confidently favorite doesn’t matter you’re holding onto the weight you know that’s where you need to be at 75 yes who remembers the blog post that I did on my meeting paleo may lose enough weight. Waistline. So what’s the take home on the weight loss steal what do you do with your scale you put a bow on it and find somebody you hate and give it to them and let it make them neurotic so I mean that that’s where like finding performance orientation like the scale tells us nothing you know if you’re if the magic fairy could come up and say okay you know you can look however you want but when you step on the scale it’s gonna say a hundred fifty kilos like you know 300-plus pounds ok do you care you’re not.you don’t care like if you look look feel and perform the way you want with the scale is going to magically you know it’s gonna be like somebody’s gonna push down on it and when people change this stuff around your mom I would wager probably had some sarcopenia she maybe had some osteoporosis growing like you know there’s probably a bunch of stuff there that’s being reversed and so the scale isn’t giving her good feedback and that’s where like a simple hip waist measurement before-and-after photo and then having some performance orientation and if that’s like going to the end of the stop sign that’s a quarter mile away and back and she times it that’s her kind of performance metric cool but if you focus on performance this is one of the cool things that I really like about what CrossFit is brought to the scene is it when people are performance-oriented they don’t do squirrely eating habits anorexia and bulimia goes out the window because if a chick comes in the gym today and she’s got three pull ups and then she’s not eating enough for binging and purging over the weekend comes in on Monday and she has no pull-ups and then she gets her ass kicked in front of all of her peers and they’re like what went on it was like I had a bad food weekend but that’s done that’s behind me now and so when we focus on performance and let the aesthetics come as an outgrowth of no form form follows function kind of kind of gig then we don’t have those problems and a lot of these other issues that pop up the eating disorder and stuff like a dawn yeah my question is is concerning an unwanted outcome of crossfit which I just started about a year ago and the problem I’m wondering how common it is number one and number two is there anything that those of us who are suffering from this can can do so that problem when you have your sit bones so no matter when you’re sitting what you’re doing is becomes incredibly painful i guess they call it bursitis. Something exactly what that’s about yeah that’s that’s up-close-and-personal yeah am I so am i I’ve had it all my life and it goes away when i get fatter and then when I get more muscley and thinner and doing crossfit i’m in pain all the time when I’m sitting you know whether it’s driving in the car so obviously ok the solution is never sit right my you’re getting you took my smartass response like their next question right to ride your bite right you got it I don’t to drive its what am I gonna do I can’t sit anymore no answer for that everything that that’s generic it’s real specific 22 I know you do you find people who have the same the same issue but i mean i don’t know whether it’s the form that you’re using and in the lift that you’re doing or there’s no I mean this again the solution is is is you know the kind of stretching that you might want to do to maintain the robust flexibility that you need to have and not so not depend so much on the strength and the and and completing the WOD as much as the health aspect of this you know what was going to take two to keep me mobile for the rest of my life not to kick some 26 year-olds asking this workout but some of this is just like the backside has less padding and then you end up having some problems sit-in maybe just like one of those a physio balls the big inflatable stand-up desk for this David asked which I do both you know I I do a lot of writing and and will do you know 40 minutes standing forty minutes on my on my sit-down deal and then I’ll actually take my laptop and throw it on the floor and then lay down an extension so I’ve heard levitation is having more real yeah that’s probably a different conference but yeah I picked up Jack that that’s the Berkeley conference for sure so we have like five minutes. Easy to get lean. So we should definitely boogie boogie down I’ll make this quick my question pertains to intermittent fasting and I know you both kind of spoken on that a lot like everybody else here I’m very busy i get a masters degree I got a kid I’m a firefighter I’m worried about getting into my into my regular routine and elevated stress level so what physical and physiological like indicators should I be looking out for to say that I’m too stressed if i do implement it and to fold what is what is your take on intermittent fasting and having say a hundred and fifty calories worth of like a clean protein up just a straight whey protein in the morning and maybe a couple hours later like another 50 calories to prevent muscle degradation I i think that’s a smart way to go you could do whey protein you can do branched-chain amino acids martin buber come from lean gains is really tinkered with that stuff a lot i the the thing that you want to be careful about is when we start elevating cortisol it antagonizes testosterone production we get a pregnant alone steal and that stuff is so insidious and once you head down that path it’s a little bit like heat stroke like once you’ve started doing it it is so easy to go back there and you are already in a lifestyle that facilitates being cortisol you know overloaded so i would just be really careful with that I if anything else the intermittent fasting literature what it tells me is that we don’t need to be neurotic about eating every two hours to maintain muscle mass but if you have a very stressful lifestyle then I don’t know that I would really advocated like I would try to do those things is that minute mitigate stretch as much as possible. So I would be really careful with it I agree i think what we’re trying to do here is we’re trying to to to to retrain our bodies to be good fat burners and to be able to use ketones and and so I use intermittent fasting only when it’s forced upon me you know from traveling and ice and i’m on a cross-country flight it’s not gonna have any good food or whatever i’ll choose to not eat gravity crap because i have the skills I have the ability to cruise and not have it affect me so intermittent fasting purposeful intermittent fasting is really good for people who want to lose a lot of weight or people who are really into the anti-aging strategy of if i’m fasting you know theoretically i’m going to be repairing DNA i’m going to be consuming damaged proteins and fats and things like that as part of that but again in a stressful occupation and with a fit guy it’s probably better just used as as a tool to assist you when it’s forced upon you that you don’t have to worry about tearing into muscle tissue because that doesn’t happen anymore because now when you when you don’t you just burn fat okay we’re good one minute quick question quick answer country controversial question though it’s a good rapper in the in the Norway in my country in Europe the team that’s currently leading the soccer elite edition has been on the low-carb high-fat paleo diet for 67 years and this obviously is very controversial and this is a club with very small resources and they have outstanding numbers better performance after they switched to this style we see thats especially with players coming from other clubs that uses high carb they lose a lot of fat very fast. We’re talking about top top football players that’s on the other hand we have had a lot of well it had several incidents with top athletes having heart attacks that are high carb diets controversial questions but I was wondering if you had some thoughts about this because we have seen it in mentions through City Manchester united central region perhaps I think when we start talking about professional athletics like diet is huge but this distress that people are subjected to a professional athletics like i’d i would love to jump on this and just be like my car scaled out anyway you know but trying to maintain psalm steeping in some you know scientific rigor and the whole thing it it’s common it when you look in the literature you like a electrical disturbances of the heart that lead to death in professional athletes we had a rash of that and NBA basketball a number of years ago and it was completely unrelated to die or I would say largely unrelated to diet and over some genetic factors that then were selected for because of the stress of the training that they were undergoing so i would be disinclined to really hang much of that on diet personally and maybe we have a cardiologist in here that would comment differently I’m not a cardiologist but you notice and literary research indicating that hike are typically up on carbo-loading has been associated with electrical disturbance atrial fibrillation ok so carb-loading can cause problems on and really don’t know ask is called what caused the heart attack was it a clot or was an electrical disturbance calls our heart no notes black cartridge it was a heart so it’s an electrical yeah. I mean I’ve I for a while I get the registry of all my friends and the endurance community who had either died or had a defibrillator or had a heart transplant and it and i stopped counting on it was 50 and our divine he does the same thing we look at all of these otherwise healthy athletes that drop dead and i know cardiologists in la who specialize in athletes and who say there’s there’s a pandemic an epidemic of afib in endurance athletes because of the thickening of the of the wall of left ventricular hypertrophy yeah hypertrophy which which if you look at what chronic cardio does it sit the heart is not it’s it’s a demand based organ you know it doesn’t say I gotta stop your brain tells your body to move in the heart goes alright I gotta go along for the ride so you can override this and cause the heart to have to go to work too hard and then ironically we feed it with with sugars and carbohydrates because that’s what we’re told the heart you know needs to to to work and over time I think where we see some problems so i probably i would i would suspect that there is a dietary component in elite endurance athletes as to why they’re having a lot of these problems yeah i would just not discount the physical activity as the as a big factor in that but yeah hundred miles a week of running yeah and I think we’re out of time right yeah I thank you everybody have a nap and thank you. 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